Raise Your Expectations: Trading Opportunities To Change Your Life

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I recently watched one of my students who learned from me years ago, talk on Benzinga. He had started with me as a retail trader just trying to figure out how to make some money trading stocks. TechniTrader education totally changed his life.

He went on to run a 100-million-dollar hedge fund and he has a new AI technology he is promoting. From our Methodology Essentials Course to a hedge fund manager is a big leap. His path was different from most students as he took all of our elective professional courses for those who want to Trade as a Business under the IRS rules which give retail traders the huge tax advantages that professionals enjoy.

Another student was a stay at home mom who, at the end of the year, wrote to tell me she had made more money than her husband at his prestigious job at Boeing.

Most retail traders have very low expectations for what they want from trading. They are often happy with $200 a day. Unfortunately, after taking out all the costs of trading, which are often not even considered, and your time plus the expenses of having a home office, the net hourly wage is below minimum wage.

There are more ways to earn income and improve your financial worth than you know.

The market has so many possibilities and so many different paths you can take. You will be blown away by the numerous ways you can use the stock market to change your life.

The easiest and least understood is Trading as a Business, aka making your career out of trading stocks, ETFs or options. This can lead to semi-professional status. OR, you can even become a professional. The comprehensive TechniTrader courses provide a plethora of training on everything you need to learn to choose your new future and new goals.

Most retail traders have such low expectations that it sabotages their potential. You can be more and earn more than you realize. It is fun and exciting when you see a new world opening up for you. Here are some ways you can use the market for more than just making a few extra dollars. Below are a few examples of what students have done with TechniTrader Education:

  1. Work from home part-time to augment the family income while taking care of your kids, aging parents or disabled family member.

  2. Trading full time as a Business enterprise. You are basically able to start your own trading business with minimal capital, zero employees and almost no overhead expenses. With this status, you can even write off the cost of education to improve your skills.

  3. If you are a financial planner or stock broker, or already on a trading floor, you can increase your success rate and enhance your Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills to find more lucrative trades with higher profits.

  4. If you are a retail trader who wants to become a semi-professional trader or SEC accredited investor, a quality education built by real market professionals gives you a direct focus to accelerate your learning curve.

  5. If you want to become a professional trader, either independent or a floor trader, the education provided by TechniTrader is second to none, not available anywhere else. Professionals come to us for the extraordinary, intense training they need to get an edge.

  6. If you are just out of college and wondering what direction to take, TechniTrader education teaches you what the universities do not. During her college years, one of my paid interns stood on the podium of the NYSE recently when the company she works for went public. Her education with TechniTrader started this career path for her. She is now the Senior Staff Manager of that company, only a few years out of college.

  7. If you are retired or coming of age for retirement and worried about having sufficient retirement funds to live the long happy life to which you are accustomed, without cutting corners and sacrificing what you dream of doing in your retirement years, then you need TechniTraders training.

Raise your expectations. The market has far more to offer you than you know. The key to success in any endeavor is education. Right? That is why we send young adults off to universities and colleges.

Could your child or grandchild learn everything they need to know just by watching videos on the internet? If that were true, then why do we have universities and colleges? Why do so many young adults have debt from borrowing money to go to college? How can they pay that off? The stock market is a real option with the right education. The reality is this: We are now a Digital Economy. We are no longer a consumer-based economy.

The manufacturing economy has been gone for decades; the Fourth Industrial Revolution in this country started before the pandemic, and it is now accelerating. There are more than 20 NEW Technologies emerging at this time and heading to the Market Acceptance phase. These are prime areas for both trading for short-term income and investing for long-term portfolio growth.

Anyone who fails to invest in their financial future will be left behind. The middle-class American needs to learn how to make more income from the financial markets. They must depend less upon advice from those selling products for long-term investing and more upon their own knowledge and expertise. Nobody cares more about your money than YOU.

Martha Stokes, CMT


TechniTrader has been teaching traders and investors a complete process for trading or investing in the stock market and other financial markets since 1998. We have helped over 500,000 traders and investors achieve their financial goals. Our courses provide a complete, comprehensive training program based on a college-style curriculum that uses a tri-level approach to analyzing assets or derivatives to trade.

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